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Education in most parts of the world today teaches students what to learn and who to become. It is a given that most educational models are built on the narrow confines of academic performance and achievement. Therefore, most students struggle on a programme that emphasises therapeutic learning, simply because they have only been taught ‘what to learn’ rather than ‘how to learn’. This process is likely to promote an analytical approach that keeps a student in touch with what they are thinking rather than what they are feeling.While algebra is a beneficial mental exercise, it doesn’t teach you how to build healthy relationships or to develop a strong sense of esteem, so, why do we spend so much of our developing years learning these skills?

This is why Counselling Enterprise has revised their educational model to one that teaches students how to approach their learning from a therapeutic as well as an academic aspect. The model introduces 8 pillars that will enable students to evaluate their progress with these in mind.  Doing so will help a student to develop a deeper sense of self that is informed by intuitive inner guidance.  They will also help to shed light into many of life’s conflicts and so enable a student to explore their personal limitations and struggles to develop professionally.

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