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A recent student survey
revealed the following facts


from a black and female perspective

0 %
Admitted they felt guilty talking about their feelings of racism
0 %
Said the curriculum lacked fair representation of their experiences
0 %
Struggled to find resources to develop their awareness around diversity and culture
0 %
Of students said they struggled to meet the demands of study whilst juggling personal life
0 %
Of students said the higher level qualifications led to information overload and increased anxiety
0 %
Of students said they lacked self beliefs in their abilities to qualify as proficient


Membership benefits

Counselling Enterprise CPD is an online library of top quality CPD lectures and resources created for counsellors, by counsellors.


Are you currently training to qualify as a professional counsellor?  If the answer is yes, then theseprogrammes and resources are designed to support you to evaluate your journey from a black and female perspective.  Think of this as the ‘unspoken’ aspects of your qualification, the missing links that, either through a lack of knowledge, or a lack of cultural awareness, would remain unexplored as you progress to the end goal of qualifying.


The modules are designed to support your teaching in specific areas of racial awareness. They are easy to navigate and will support the 7 learning outcomes of each qualification Level.


Our educational programmes will give you step by step guidance on how toreframeyour awareness as a counsellor.Breaking free from limiting beliefs and influences you will feel empowered to step into a leadership mindset with greater confidence. We develop the programmes on the pillars of:


  • Black psychology
  • Racial assimilation
  • Intersectionality
  • Influence of main theoretical approaches


  • Social influence
  • Internalised values and beliefs


  • How to see beyond self
  • Releasing the bonds of limitations
  • Self-actualising to realise your greatest potential
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Keep on track with ethical CPD requirements

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“I will teach you strategic approaches to overcome qualification struggles”

Hello I’m Karen. I help students and therapists grow qualification confidence (AKA proficient). After teaching for many years, I have helped hundreds of students to develop a successful portfolio. Experience has taught me, for many students, this is not always an easy journey and a lack of self-belief and information overload can cause anxiety, frustration and worry.   I provide support so you know how to navigate your qualification.  This means less anxiety, less confusion and more energy to focus.  Giving you the freedom, you need to focus on the career you deserve to earn!

Karen James

“ We are expected to constantly evaluate our own emotions to prove we’re ‘on it’. Personal responsibilities mean we cannot always be ‘switched on’ to meet the demands of a higher-level qualification. ”

Whether you’re at the start, or the final stages of training, self-evaluation once a week, twice a week or even daily…….it gets demanding.

Sometimes an hour a week of therapy isn’t enough to ‘hold’ it or ‘work’ through it in a way that alleviates the enormity of your discomfort.

Maybe the changes you are experiencing, is impacting on your personal life and relationship(s).

Maybe it’s leaving you feeling drained, tired, anxious or plain right terrified.

Last but not least, the demands of life are probably waiting for you at the end of it all!

All of the above take its toll and even good intentions are not enough. The reality remains that assignments need to be submitted and course work needs your attention. Knowing where to start can be a dilemma.

Knowing where to start can be a dilemma

Sitting at your PC waiting for inspiration to ‘strike’, is a viable option when your head is clear. In the midst of brain fog, reaching criteria can be an almost impossible task to achieve.

Assignments need high level engagement

You position in society and your relationships is bound to be affected. Coping with this profound level of change takes time to digest. In the constant and competing demands for adequate time, very often space to think is compromised. This will eventually take its toll emotionally and physically.

Lack of time to reflect creates dissonance

Once a week of personal therapy may not be adequate to ‘hold’ the depth of your emotional discovery.  The resilience needed to cope with the demands of training requires a greater level of support and professional guidance.

Training requires a great level of resilience

“To reach your goal successfully, you cannot afford to ignore the areas you are compromised”

Whilist it is true certain aspects of your life will be challenged, you cannot afford this to impact on your ability to perform at the pace you need to. You have invested a lot of time, money and resources, at this point there is too much at stake. Compromising the quality of your performance could cost you your qualification.

You need a plan that ensures you are building a strength-based strategy, that is reliable and offers proficient results…….

Introducing the student’s
tool kit to proficiency

Get years of content to keep you upskilled

What if you had continual access to resources that mapped out key areas for your course work. This means that you would ALWAYShave a clear directive to structure your work and improve the quality of your assignments.

Learn how to THINK proficiently

What if your hours of course work, group discussions and theory could be organised into a clear and methodical framework? Imagine this:less information overload and a more structured process. Organising your mind in this way will boost your rate of proficiency.

Growing out of fear into confidence

What if your process of change became less fearful and more rewarding? One of purposeful engagement that creates a cycle of deeper knowledge and clarity.  This means you will shift from a place of stagnation to greater confidence and growth.

A sneak preview

Confidently start to grow your portfolio:

from a resource hub that will help you to map out key areas in line with curriculum outcomes. Instantly access everything you need to navigate your course

Power point presentations:

With hyperlinks that help you to cross reference your assignments and assessment tasks. Key words in the course material will link to relevant information to save you hours of time on researching

Placement support:

Everything you will need to know in one place. Access information on supervision requirements, legislation and how you can develop your practice post qualification

Understand the pillars to success:

Doing so will encourage a holistic approach to your development and open your eyes to subconscious limiting beliefs. This is an abundance of valuable knowledge that many therapists take years to master


I am at the beginning of my journey and I feel as if I have my own personal tutor.  In my assignment writing, I am not always sure whether I am going in the right direction and the Membership Enterprise is additional reassurance for me. I particularly like the fact that I can message tutors who have specialist experience in their field so I am able to fill the gaps outside of class time.  A wonderful discovery that I have already recommended to three of my colleagues.



Very inspirational!  The additional PD courses helped me to evaluated my growth from a new perspective.  I was able to understand my struggles and why I lacked motivation to achieve. The personalised topics that addressed race and intersectionality helped me to see barriers that I had lived with for so long. This was truly a momentous moment for me and I plan to continue my membership post qualification.



I graduated last year; I wish I had found Membership Enterprise sooner. The topics are relevant and informative and I always feel as if I come away with something to reflect on.  I am currently undertaking a BA (Hons) and the webinars and in-dept power point presentations have helped me to explore my experiences in a way that I have never done before. It has definitely supported my personal and professional development.



I found the online workshops very useful, they helped me to understand how to structure my assignments to meet the learning outcomes.   I had missed quite a bit of college at the start because of the COVID situation.  I was able to use the resources as a reliable back and this enabled me to catch up with the class work.  The Membership Enterprise was a way of staying in the loop and connect to learning from home.



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Q ans A's

A: The Membership Enterprise is an online subscription that makes it easy to stay committed to your counselling journey. Your subscription will enable you to access an abundance of inspiring content, plus guidance from professional tutors. You can connect with a supportive community in our private Facebook group and join the online professional development sessions four times a year. Plus, you get exclusive workshops and discounts that are tailored to specific topics that are often overlooked.

A: The community driven discussions are a platform for qualification support as well as developing a culture that promotes change. Through our programmes we seek to introduce a new dimension to training: one that promotes a leadership mindset. When it comes to change, this is important because it fosters a community where individuals develop the necessary skills to use their voice, in a community and personal level.

We believe that approaching personal development from this perspective is a way of giving students and therapists a voice.  It is also a way of addressing the silence that permeates the counselling profession and paves the way to open difficult discussions such as racism, discrimination and oppression. 

A: Do you feel as if your qualification is tailored to support your needs? Is your focus on understanding course requirements rather than deepening your personal development? Could you do with additional support outside of classroom activities? If so, then the Membership Enterprise will support you in these areas, giving you the structure and guidance, you need to meet curriculum outcomes. A membership will take the stress out of training so you are free to focus on learning and personal development. Consider the following benefits –

The workshops include topics that are specific to BME, marginalized groups as well as curriculum related.
The tailored resources will prepare you for EA, IA and course assignments.
Tutor led discussions and the community chat will answer queries to ensure you are on track.
The inbuilt tracking system will enable you to monitor your progress in line with criteria outcomes. 

A: We advise first time users to opt for the monthly subscription to start. If then you feel the Membership Enterprise subscription is not for you, you have the option to cancel at any time. Access to resources will continue for the remainder of the month.

A: Everything is in the Membership portal! You just log in and can access all the lectures, podcasts, online trainings, PowerPoint presentations — for the current month AND all previous months. You can access the Membership portal from your computer, tablet or smartphone. To make it SUPER easy to stay consistent, I send weekly inspirational tutorials to encourage and support you!  Plus, you can join our private community to find training buddies, ask questions, share your highs and lows as well as tutor guidance!